Article – A Writer’s Orgasm – By Author of Sexaholics, Pynk

A Writer’s Orgasm

Recently, readers have asked why I decided to write erotica after writing seven mainstream titles. For me, it was a natural transition to write erotica, being that thus far, all of my books have included very steamy scenes and intense sexual connections. I’ve worked hard to make sure that each encounter, whether it involves a threesome or an oral sex scene between two women, is necessary for the evolution of the story and mainly, for purposes of defining those characters. Erotica or not, it’s a story.

I enjoy writing sex scenes, but more importantly, I enjoy writing about the lives of individuals who are either positively or negatively affected by sex. Whether it be swingers or sexaholics, or women who have been sexually repressed and are now ready to breakout and get naughty, sex is a part of all of our lives. After all, the revolution of sex cannot be ignored. I feel that sex can be a character in itself. It can be a villain and it can be a sanctuary. We can choose to go with it, or choose to resist it for religious reasons or ethical reasons or for purposes of detoxification. One’s response to sex says a lot about their morals and willpower and upbringing. I, for one, am very sexually liberated and have always had a lust for life. It’s important to me that women enjoy themselves and pay close attention to where their ideals about sex came from. We’ve been told early on to keep our legs closed and to save ourselves for our husbands. I don’t believe that boys are not put under the same type of pressure. Actually, they learn to conquer and pursue and society has this, “boys will be boys” attitude (which should also change), whereas girls are taught that if we don’t keep our vaginas to ourselves, we’ll be labeled as non-virtuous sluts, far from marriage material.

I am a strong advocate of safe sex, though I do think sex is meant to be enjoyable and that women need to love and explore their bodies and learn about what pleases them so that they can express their needs openly, without shame and without judgment. I have a post-chapter in Erotic City called Women Have Wet Dreams, Too, which is written from the point of view of the main character, Milan Kennedy who owns a swingers’ club. She’s very comfortable with her sexuality and enjoys spreading the word about guilt-free sex for women.

When I conducted research for Erotic City, I attended quite a few sex clubs and interviewed many lifestyle members. The common trait I found was that these individuals don’t have as many hang-ups about sex as most people do, though some would argue that swingers are dysfunctional or that they’re sexual deviants. I’ve addressed this controversy in Erotic City, which is one reason why the topic of swinging was so intriguing to me.

I’m enjoying the experience of writing erotica and I hope that you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy bringing them to you. Whether writing mainstream or erotica, I put a lot of work into the psychology of my characters. It is my intention to make sure that the main characters each have something they want and something they fear. I make a point to remind myself that I’m not writing about what I would do. I’m writing about what the characters would do. It’s their story, not mine. It’s my desire that you enjoy the stories of my characters, and that those characters stay in your head long after the last page because you fall in love with them or worry about them or love to hate them, because you care about their journey. It is my desire, as Pynk, that you are satisfied. That, to me, would be orgasmic.

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