What to look for throughout May

Here are some of the reviews that will be coming up throughout May.

Street Boners – A Comical look at fashion through mostly ordinary people.
Clean, Green, and Lean – How you can be more green, not only in your diet, but in daily living.
Edging Past Reality – A collection of horror short stories.
The Power of Compassion – A collection of 40 stories based on the ideas of compassion.
9th Judgement – The newest James Patterson Women’s Murder Club thriller.
Spirit – A tale of an out of body experience gone wrong.
What’s Really Hood – An anthology of Urban tales.
A Hole in the Gospel – A Hole exists in our understanding of the Gospel, the writer finds out what that is while working on a mission in Uganda.

My last Blog tour for Pynk was pretty successful, so I”ve signed up to do another for a few books. You can hope to see those in the next couple of weeks. Some blog tours planned right now are for What’s Really Hood, and Edging Past Reality.

We also have a few interviews planned with authors. So far:

Michael Harvey – The Third Rail
Wahida Clark – What’s Really Hood
David Fingerman – Edging Past Reality

Then of course, some giveaways. Scheduled so far is What’s Really Hood, and 9th Judgement. Not to mention our giveaway for Innocent continues until the 19th. Get your entries in if you haven’t entered. May looks to be a fun month, with a variety of books for a variety of readers.