Success Has a Title – Wahida Clark

I believe that there are 3 keys to success.  Opportunity that you create, Knowledge and Action.  There is nothing to it but to do it.  I hate excuses.  You can’t make money or progress coming up with excuses.

Discipline.  You gotta make yourself do what you set out to do.  If you want to be successful you gotta stick to your plans.  You must find ways to train yourself to be disciplined.  I set a schedule for myself.  In prison my day started at 4:45 am.  It started with prayer, writing, perform my assigned prison job, exercise and write some more, including fan mail, editing and reading manuscripts.  Once you make up your mind to do something, don’t let folks talk you out of your plans.  You gotta stay focused and stick to it.

Sacrifice.  With success comes sacrifice.  Sacrifices will have to be made.  You will have to give up something.  I gave up lots of leisure time.  I gave up time that I wanted to use on other things but was it worth the sacrifice?  Absolutely.  I am now beginning to reap the rewards.

If I can beat the odds, so can you.  If I could do it so could you.  Set goals.  Stick to your plans and go for it!


If you are a little cautious you’ll accomplish little.   –Winston Churchill

The future is not something we enter; the future is something that we create.  – Ms. Jan the mail lady.

It’s hard to fail, but worse to never have tried.  – My Uncle John, R.I.P.

You are what you do!  Not what you want to do.  Not what you hope to do, not what you think to do.  – Ms. Ida, my teen Recreation Supervisor