Review: Everything you need to know about the security clearance process, but were afraid to ask – Diane Griffin


This is a rather short, but concise guide to the procedures you need to follow to gain government security clearance. The Author writes from a very knowledgeable background. While I’ve never needed to gain this kind of access, I found it very informative to know what all was involved in obtaining it. It’s not as easy as the movies make it out to be.

Ms. Griffin goes through 3 different forms of access, and provides details on all the issues in eacvh one, as well as descriptions of a lot of the government organizations. There were a lot of acronyms involved. But not surprising, since the government loves acronyms.

I’m not sure this guide/book would be of general interest, unless your a procedfure junkie. But I think for those involved in businesses that may need a government contract at some point, possibly those writing corporate/political thrillers, that this book would be a very handy reference tool.

*Disclaimer* A thanks goes out to Brandi and Janis at DK Walker Books for an electronic copy of this book. It in no way influenced my review.

Author Bio:

My name is Diane Griffin, President / CEO of Security First & Associates, LLC. I am that friendly expert that WILL give you the inside scoop of what is relevant to your specific needs for obtaining and maintaining a security clearance today. And, no, this book won’t self destruct nor will I have to kill you for giving you the answers.

I began my career in the industry more than two decades ago working for various government contractors. While working for these companies, I was responsible for satisfying the requirements of security functions involving human resources, data management, and hardware and software security.

Then in 2002, I satisfied my entrepreneurial spirit by creating Security First & Associates, LLC consulting individuals and companies with all levels of security. As you can imagine, after 9/11 and with our country in the midst of two wars, the demands and dynamics of security clearances have changed drastically.

So whether you are a security professional, a student of criminal justice, someone interested in pursuing a government career, or a company pursuing government contracts that require a security clearance, you will have many questions regarding the process. And this book has many answers – even to those questions that you are afraid to ask.

Book: Everything You Need to Know about the Security Clearance Process

Here’s what you will learn from this book:

• insight into the process for obtaining and maintaining Security and Facility clearances

• awareness of the risks that you face for delays or possible rejection and what to do about them

• straight forward answers to the standard and not so standard questions people often ask about the security and facility clearance process

• clear definitions to the confusing industry terms, abbreviations and acronyms

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