Review: The False Friend – Myla Goldberg

Hardcover: 272 pages
Publisher: Doubleday (October 5, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0385527217
ISBN-13: 978-0385527217
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Celia Durst – In a quest to show the truth of a friend’s disappearance.
Huck – Celia’s Boyfrend
Djuna Pearson – Celia’s Friend – Disappeared when they were young.
Becky Miller – One of Celia and Djuna’s friends.
Josie Linke – One of Celia and Djuna’s friends.
LeeAnne Forrest – An often bullied schoolmate of Celia’s and Djuna’s.
Noreen Durst – Celia’s Mother – A school counselor
Warren Durst – Ceilia’s Father


When Celia Durst was young her best friend Djuna disappeared in the woods near their home. She was never seen again. Celia has been harboring feeling of guilt since that day. She returns to her hometown to talk to all those she was friends with, and try to put the past behind her. But will the past be what she remembers?


This was a very fast read. I read it probably in the course of about 6 hours. The story follows Celia as she uncovers more and more information on what happened the day her friend disappeared. The author tackles some very interesting ideas. Are Celia’s memories accurate? What are the repercussions to those who are bullied?

The story keeps you involved. You keep guessing the entire time, wondering is Celia right? Are her parents? Friends? What truly happened to Djuna? You get to see glimpses of their childhood, and get to see each friend grown up now, and see that all have their views on what happened.

The characters are very realistic. The one person that seemed out of place was Huck. I think his character was just there as a sounding board, or voice of reason, for Celia.

There are some twists, some I didn’t see coming and was totally shocked by. There was some strong language, so I’d recommend this for older teens or adults. A very good, tight story that should be an enjoyable afternoon reading experience.

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*Disclaimer* A special thanks goes out to Judy at Doubleday for a review copy of this book. It in no way influenced my review.

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