Year End Followup

I’d like to thank everyone for all their support during my first full year doing book reviews.  It’s been quite a year.  We’ve reviewed 100 books since January 1st 2010.  We’ve given away over 70 books this year, totalling almost $1400.  We’ve also conducted ? interviews with various authors. 

Special thank you’s go out to Anna, Valerie, and Brad at Hachette Book Groups.   Julie and Anna at FSB Associates.  Bonni at Red Wheel Weiser.  Brandi at BK Walker books.  Nikli, Rebecca at Cadence Marketing Group, Sarah at Terra Communications.  Also thanks to all the authors who took time out of their schedules to do interviews with us.

I look forward to 2011 and to working and enjoying this love of books with all of you.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakuh, Blessed Kwanzaa and joyous holidays to all of you out there.  And may you have a great New Year.

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2 Responses to “Year End Followup”

  1. Joan Slish Says:


    You have done a fabulous job! You’ve broadened the reading of so many people by reviewing different kinds of books. I am grateful to you because I never would of heard of some of them nor been the recipient of 2 of them, which I have enjoyed.

    May the year 2011 be even better for you, Amigo!


  2. Marjorie Says:

    Hi Rick,
    I hope you have a very successful and a Happy New Year.
    I really enjoy and trust your reviews.