Review: Echoes of a Shattered Age – Ramon Terrell


NOOKbook (eBook) , 352pp
Publisher: iUniverse (October 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0595819559
ISBN-13: 9780595819553
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Kita – Martial Warrior – He and Kenyatta were raised together.
Kenyatta – Martial Warrior – Raised with Kita
Akemi – Ninja Demon Hunter
Kenjiro – Akemi’s Samurai brother.
Shinobu – Strider


The technology of the world we know, no longer exists We’ve reverted back to a former age of swords and magic. This is manifested in 5 martial warriors. They are brough together in a quest to stop an evil wizard named Brit from unleashing all the demons of the underworld upon the earth. These 5 warriors are called together by the guard of a tower called Takashaniel, there quest to arrive there and protect the tower from Brit and his demonic menions.


This book, set with feudal characters, reminded me in many ways of an Akura Kirosawa film. It starts out jumping between each group of characters, as well as showing you what Brit is up to.

Once Brit’s plan is set in motion however, the action never stops until the last page. The description of the characters were very vivid, and the writing of the action scenes was very well written, and kept me going page after page.

I really grew to like these characters. I think my favorite was Akemi, the Ninja. There was plenty of cliffhanging moments, where you were left wondering if the characters were alive or dead. The ending left enough loose ends that the story could be continued.

On an age level, I’d probably say late teens or adults for this. While there wasn’t much strong language, there was a lot of combat situations, etc. and creatures that might leave young readers frightened. If you get the opportunity, grab this book. It’s available for both the nook and Kindle. I think you’d enjoy the story, especially if you’re a fan of stories like the Lord of the Rings.

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    I’m very interested in reading this book now! I think books that keep you entranced are worth every penny I spend at a book store! Thanks for an awesome insight into this story!