Guest Posting: Lisa Rusczyk – Author Chasing the Dark

Lisa Rusczyk Guest Blog

Hello, faithful readers of this blog. It’s great to be here. My name’s Lisa. I’m a novelist, freelance writer and freelance editor. My wonderful publisher Passionate Writer Publishing has set me on this virtual book tour for my book Chasing the Dark and a book of shorts done with other authors called Unloved.

I could tell you all about the books. I could tell you about how Chasing the Dark was much different than other books I’ve written. Hey! I just did! But I’d rather talk about my cats.

I have six cats. They are indoor/outdoor cats, and they are all quite beloved. First I got Micah. In the paper, there was only one ad for kittens in Nashville in April of 2002. It was for “Siamersian” kittens. What they heck are those? Three parts Siamese, one part Himalayan. Some people living out in the country invented the breed. He puked all over me on the ride home and has been puking daily ever since. Micah is the alpha cat of the household and always has to be around people. He also likes to knock things over, especially fancy wine glasses. He sleeps with me every night and his meows are expressive in every tone.

Next I got Cloud. He’s my true baby. He’s gray with a white chest, belly and nose. He has a gray freckle on that white nose. Micah beat him up for years, which made him neurotic. When he snuggles, he snuggles hard. He loves to talk back and forth. His favorite thing to do is play “mouse” with bottle lids. If anyone says the word “mouse” in casual conversation and he’s around, he maows. I’m worried because I haven’t seen him in four days. I’m going to call the pound when they open to see if he got picked up – his collar broke last week and I haven’t replaced it.

Coraline is a gray tortie we got at the pound. She’s, well, not too bright, but she’s the only cat who has never come home scratched up, keeps impeccably clean, has gorgeous whiskers and the cutest meaow. I think she understands English. If she gets on my lap after being out in the rain, I can tell her to go clean herself and come back. She’ll do just that.

Spooky is the sweetheart of the bunch. She’s a long-haired black tortie, tiny, and loves to stalk us when we eat. She was skinny even though she gets fed a lot of people food, but her belly’s growing because she’s got babies in there! We’ll have kittens in about 6 weeks. She’s a charmer. Any person or cat who comes in this house is smitten with Spooky, and I’m one of many.

Osho is the daddy of the kittens. We got Osho and Devlin, brother and sister, together. Osho is a cream color with a few tabby stripes and Devlin is a ginger. Osho worships Spooky. He follows her everywhere, snuggles with her, cleans her ears and face. When she walks in a room, his whole world lights up. Devlin is a shy little girl. To pet her is an honor, and if she snuggles, you are in an elite crowd for a moment. Devlin loves other cats, but she’s terrified of people.

Wish me luck in finding my baby Cloud. I’m counting the minutes till the pound opens.

2 Responses to “Guest Posting: Lisa Rusczyk – Author Chasing the Dark”

  1. Lisa Rusczyk Says:

    Thanks for having me! The pound didn’t have Cloud, but we’re hoping he finds his way home.

  2. Rick Says:

    I do hope you find him safe and sound.