Review: The Snowman’s Revenge – Mark Smythe

Reading level: Ages 4-8
Paperback: 44 pages
Publisher: Mark Smythe (May 2, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0982270402
ISBN-13: 978-0982270400
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On a cold snowy day, the kids are out of school. They decide to build a snowman. But what happens when they build him, and then abandon him and he gets tired of being in the cold and watching them all cozy and warm. He plots his revenge.

And so is the story of The Snowman’s Revenge. It’s a short children’s story by Mark Smythe, told in a rhyming fashion. There are illustrations throughout the book by Mike Motz.

I thought the story was a cute one, but for young kids might be a little scary. I know when I was little, I was freaked out by the flying monkeys, so I figure a snowman set on revenge might be frightening to some children.

I’d recommend it, but with a warning for parents to read it first and determine if they think their child will be bothered by it. With that in mind, pick it up and at least take a look at it.

About the Author

Mark Smythe resides in a small, rural town located in the beautiful southern geography of western New York state. It is a lovely and quaint agricultural community, just south of Buffalo, New York.

He and his two children, Cassandra and Alexander, live on a picturesque, turn-of-the-century farm complete with a charming old white farmhouse, quaint red barns and wooden pasture fences.

Mark is an interior structural fire fighter with a local Volunteer Fire Department, as well as the Chief Operating Officer of a unique corporation: With Love From Above, LLC.

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