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I don’t typically do Vampires. For that fact, neither does this author, but Running From the Night represents R.J. Terrells foray into the vampire realm. Following on the heels of his fantasy Trilogy Legend of Takashaniel, Mr. Terrell has once again brought us into a different world while leaving us simultaneously in the same world.

The characters were well developed, and as a reader I found myself concerned with their fates. The characters not only have to worry about vampires trying to kill them, but deal with real world issues such as girlfriends and spurned lovers. I found the character of Saaya’s background to be very interesting as well and look forward to finding out more about her.

There were some technical issues such as characters mirroring movements that at times were a bit distractive. It seemed to work in some scenes for example combat, and when they were involved in tai chi, but didn’t seem to carry over strongly into more mundane actions.

Overall though, I was really pulled into it and wanted to see more. I have a feeling that all hell is going to be unleashed, and I want ringside seats. For his first journey into Vampire stories, I’d say Mr. Terrell did very well indeed and I will definitely be waiting for the next installment.

About the Author

R. J. Terrell was instantly a lover of fantasy the day he opened R. A. Salvatore’s: The Crystal Shard. Years (and many devoured books) later he decided to put pen to paper for his first novel. After a bout with aching carpals, he decided to try the keyboard instead, and the words began to flow. When not writing, he enjoys reading, videogames, and long walks with his wife around Stanley Park in Vancouver BC.

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*Disclaimer* A special thanks goes out to Mr. Terrell who provided a review copy of this book. It in no way influenced my review. You can discuss it here or join my facebook page and discuss it there.

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    Great. Another book I have to read. Damn you Rhodes Review!