Review: Paskagankee – Allan Leverone

Publisher: StoneGate Ink; 1 edition (January 27, 2012)
Language: English
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Mike McMahon – Chief of Police.
Sharon Dupont – Rookie cop, partners with Mike.
Kenneth Dye – Professor of Native American Studies at Maine University.

An ancient Indian Curse. A monster bent on revenge. Body parts strung hither and yon. This book had everything you could want in a good horror story. The story concerns Mike McMahon newly hired chief of Police. He assigns Sharon Dupont to be his partner and show him the ropes. On his first day he’s drawn into a murder. Then another.

Professor Kenneth Dye from the nearby University contacts Mike and tells him about an ancient curse in Paskagankee. The curse involves the murder of a young Indian woman and her child by Puritans. This attack is actually shown as the opening of the book.

The bodies start to pile up, and it’s tried to be explained away as a wild animal attack. The FBI is called in and does their own investigation concluding that it’s a bear. But Mike doesn’t believe a bear could be doing the damage this is doing.

This book was full of suspense and kept me glued to the storyline. I really began liking some of the characters, not liking others. I also enjoyed the ride trying to figure out how they were going to end up stopping the creature. In the end it was a very satisfying horror story, and makes me want to read more of Mr. Leverone’s novels, particulary any of this genre.

I’d give it a PG or R rating for blood, gore, violence, and language. But if you are a fan of horror, grab this book, crawl into bed, and pull the sheets tight. And don’t worry about that scratching at the window. After all, it’s probably just the cat.

About the Author

Allan Leverone is the author of the Amazon bestselling thriller, THE LONELY MILE (StoneHouse Ink), and the thrillers, FINAL VECTOR (Medallion Press) and PASKAGANKEE (StoneGate Ink), as well as the horror novellas DARKNESS FALLS and HEARTLESS(Delirium Books). Allan is a 2012 Derringer Award winner as well as a 2011 Pushcart Prize nominee. His short fiction has been featured in Needle: A Magazine of Noir, A Twist of Noir, Shroud Magazine, Morpheus Tales, Mysterical-e and many other print and online magazines, as well as numerous anthologies. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife Sue, three children, one beautiful granddaughter and a cat who has used up eight lives. Connect with Allan at as well as on Facebook and Twitter, @AllanLeverone.

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