Review: Revenant – Allan Leverone

Print Length: 224 pages
Publisher: Rock Bottom Books; First edition (June 29, 2012)
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Mike McMahon – Chief of Police.
Sharon Dupont – Rookie cop, partners with Mike.


Strange things keep happening in Paskagankee.   This time around Mike McMahon and his partner Sharon DuPont are called upon to solve the disappearance of Earl Manning.  They are also brought into a story on the theft of a magical Native American stone.  This stone allows the possessor to bring back and control the dead, a zombie puppet or what’s called a Revenant.

It’s difficult to tell too much of this story out of my desire not to spoil things for readers.  I will say like it’s previous encarnation, Paskagankee, I found this one delightful in it’s darkness and the depraved characters the author is willing to come up with.  If there were one complain it’s that some of the events happened possibly too quickly compared to what we see in the opening of the book.  Certain parts seemed a little rushed and anti-climatic.

If I were to rate it, I’d say older teens and adults due to the content and language.  If you are a fan of zombie stories, or horror stories in general pick this one up.  Be sure and come by to tell us what you think.  With the Season of Ghoblins and Ghouls quickly approaching, this would be a great story to read on the chilly Halloween night.  And if you happen to hear a knock on the door while reading it, it’s probably just somebody l0oking for Candy.

About the Author

Allan Leverone is the author of the Amazon bestselling thriller, THE LONELY MILE (StoneHouse Ink), and the thrillers, FINAL VECTOR (Medallion Press) and PASKAGANKEE (StoneGate Ink), as well as the horror novellas DARKNESS FALLS and HEARTLESS(Delirium Books). Allan is a 2012 Derringer Award winner as well as a 2011 Pushcart Prize nominee. His short fiction has been featured in Needle: A Magazine of Noir, A Twist of Noir, Shroud Magazine, Morpheus Tales, Mysterical-e and many other print and online magazines, as well as numerous anthologies. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife Sue, three children, one beautiful granddaughter and a cat who has used up eight lives. Connect with Allan at as well as on Facebook and Twitter, @AllanLeverone.

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