Review: The Beast – Faye Kellerman

Hardcover: 384 pages
Publisher: William Morrow (August 6, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0062121758
ISBN-13: 978-0062121752
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Marge Dunn – One of Decker’s Detectives
Peter Decker – Sergeant of Detectives
Rena Lazarus – Peter’s Wife


A routine call turns into a nightmare when the homicide scene turns out to have a loose tiger running around in an apartment. Peter Decker and his investigative team must search through clues and evidence and find who killed Hobart Penny and why and what the connection is to the tiger.


This was the first time I’d read a thriller from Faye Kellerman, and I’m hooked from the initial pages, it was impossible to put the book down. The main plotline involves the murder of a reclusive millionare. A secondary plotline involves the foster son of Peter Decker and Rena Lazarus and his forbidden relationship with his girlfriend.

The main plotline draws you in, and keep you wanting to read until the end. The secondary plotline, if I remember my teenage years correctly is very accurate. Teenage boys will do stupid things without thinking of the consequences. However, the character was able to think through and come to his own solutions to get out of his problems.

The main plotline had twists and turns leading to a satisfying finish. I found this story to be very enjoyable and I’ll definitely be going back to read more of Ms. Kellerman’s work. I’d recommend it, but for older teens and adults due to some very graphic storyline and adult plots.

But for a great thriller read, grab a copy of The Beast and as always, be sure to come back by and let us know what you thought.

About the Author

Faye Kellerman is the author of twenty-seven novels, including twenty New York Times bestselling mysteries that feature the husband-and-wife team of Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus.

She has also penned two bestselling short novels with her husband, New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman, and recently teamed up with her daughter Aliza to cowrite a young adult novel, Prism—the story of four teens in an alternate universe.

She lives with her husband in Los Angeles, California, and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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  1. Cheryl "Mash" Says:

    So glad you enjoyed it. I have been a fan of this series for many years and can’t wait to read this one. Great review. Thank you.

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  3. Joan Says:

    I love mysteries and from your review this sounds like one of the best.