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Welcome to the third day of the Mondays with Mephistopheles: 9am – Rhys blog tour. It will run until August 9th and will feature excerpts and new author interviews each day. But first, here is the obligatory blurb about the novel to settle you into this strange world:
Abraham Rogers has an unusual psychotherapy practice: monsters. This first installment is a session with Rhys, the IT vampire who can’t quite connect with the modern world the way he would like.

A few questions for the author:
What’s your superpower, or what’s your spirit animal?

I think my superpower is organization. I have this ridiculous motor to get things done. Without a plan, I would just be running around like some kind of zombie. I think anyone can become more organized, and it becomes important regardless of your career.

Most Embarrassing Moment?

Too numerous to count. Any moment where I don’t realize the error I’ve made is pretty embarrassing, I suppose. Though I find that as I get older, the notion of embarrassment fades. I am less concerned about what people think of my actions, as I have limited time on this planet and I want to get things done.

How do you feel about your family, now that you’re an adult?

I am much closer to my family now that I am older. I miss them most days and wish that we lived closer, but that was not how it worked out. We moved around a lot when I was younger, so my immediate family was the only stable thing in my life. Being a moody teenager, I wanted out of there fast. Sometimes I wish that I had stuck around a little longer, so that we could live closer to each other today.
Here be an excerpt for your enjoyment:
“Are you trying to pry out blame? Find the golden egg of my psyche for which the morose bell tolls? I can assure you that my mother has little to do with my affliction.”Abe touched his pen to the notebook and scribbled a few illegible lines. “Tell me about your mother, Rhys. What kind of woman was she?”“What would my mother have to do with the creature I have become?”

“Your affliction, as you are so fond of calling it, is something with which you must live each day. While there are hurdles for you to overcome, you are still defined by where you have come from.”

“My mother did not make me the beast I am today.” Rhys seemed distracted. “She was a sad woman, prone to flights of dramatics. When my father left, she only became more beleaguered. My rebirth as this thing was more than she could bear. Her life, though filled with sadness, did not need the added burden of a child crawling into the darkness.”

“So she took her own life?”

Rhys looked at Abe with a dry look. “Why would you assume that? Did I say she took her life?”

“Was her life taken?”

There was a pregnant pause as Rhys looked away toward the wall of books to the right of the window. “Are you certain that window is closed? I can almost smell the light….”

Abe sensed that Rhys wanted to move on from talking about his mother. He made a quick note to broach it during a later session.

“I recall from a previous session that you despise the myths perpetuated by pop culture. Is this aversion to sunlight not the exact type of pandering that vexes you?”

“It is not the myths that irritate me. It is the purposeful reinvention of my kind to fit whatever pop sensibilities are en vogue during a particular age. Many of my dark brothers and sisters spent the better part of a century carving out a place in the night. The light holds no sway over us. It is unpleasant for the oldest among us. We do not relish in its vast nutrients as the living do.”

Abe pressed the issue despite the pontification. “Why then do you seek the darkness? If it is not fear of injury, then what?”

“The light brings out the melancholy in me. I find it difficult to bear. I have no energy to go about the day.”

“Why do think that is, Rhys?”

Rhys sighed.

His eyes remained unblinking.

Bio: A psychologist, author, editor, philosopher, martial artist, and skeptic, he has published several novels and currently has many in print, including: The End of the World Playlist, Bitten, The Journey, The Ocean and the Hourglass, The Path of the Fallen, The Portent, and Cerulean Dreams. Follow him on Twitter (@AuthorDanOBrien) or visit his blog He recently started a consultation business. You can find more information about it here:


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