Review: Small Plates – Katherine Hall Page

Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: William Morrow (May 27, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0062310798
ISBN-13: 978-0062310798
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A collection of crime based short stories.


The Ghost of Winthrop – Prudence Winthrop has not had a moment’s peace since her Aunt Eliza died. It is said that whoever finds where her will is hidden will inherit everything. Amateur investigator Faith Fairchild is asked to help her find the will as well as discovering whether the house is haunted, or if someone else is trying to find the will before Prudence can.

Death in the Dunes – Faith and her husband Tom are at a retreat when a frantic knock at the door from a woman named Carolann pulls Faith from the peaceful solitude she was enjoying. Things continue to get weird as Faith tries to determine what exactly has gone on between Carolann and her husband.

The Would be Widower – A man grows tired of his wife, and continues to launch various plans to eliminate her from his life.

Across the Pond – Faith and her sister Hope are involved in the wedding of a mutual friend. This mutual friend, however, is engaged to a man who was once engaged to one of her stepsisters. Faith must find out if someone is trying to kill Polly before they are successful.

A Perfect Maine Day – A woman goes out on an afternoon boating trip with her husband. Later her body washes up on shore. The person who finds her body is then drawn into finding out what happened to her.

Hiding Places – A woman comes across her husband’s secret hiding place, where he stores mimentos. This leads her on a search through the house for other hiding spots of his. But will she like what she finds?

The Proof is Always in the Pudding – Faith is told of an old family secret that involves a pudding and a forbidden romance.

Sliced – Faith is pulled into competing on a cooking contest show. Strange things begin happening though, then one of the chef’s is killed? Faith must figure out who killed him and why.

The Two Marys – A woman named Mary find a baby wrapped in a blanket in her barn on Christmas Eve. Faith Fairchild is called on to help this woman cover up the identity of the child, but also to help find his mother.

A few tastes from Small Plates – Recipes from some of the stories presented.

I found all of these stories to be interesting. As short stories, the name small plate was fitting. Some of the more interesting I thought were The Would be Widower and Sliced, but I found all of them to be enjoyable. They are great for when you want to read a complete story, but don’t want to take the time to get involved in a long novel. They are just long enough to keep your attention, but not long enough to get too drawn out.

The characters are interesting, the plots are unique, and the writing was really good. I recommend this for any mystery fans out there. I’d rate it PG due to subject matter, and some language that some might find a bit objectionable.

Be sure and check it out, drop by and let us know what you thought.

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