Stranger Danger – Guest Post – Sheriff Robert Kahn

The way that Bobby and Mandee’s: To Safe For Strangers developed was a fluke.

A reserve deputy and I were requested to teach a latch key class, to 6 children after school. On the way there, we decided to teach “NO, GO TELL”, which was a stranger lesson. The deputy and I were there for 90 mins and we left.

Two days later, the latch key teacher called and told me “you are not going to believe what happened last night. Three of the children, one being my son, were playing in the park while the adults were watching a softball game. A man drove up in a van, walked over to the children and said “HEY KIDS, I HAVE PUPPIES IN MY VAN, WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE THEM? The children ran off to their parents and told them what had just taken place. I believe if it weren’t for the lesson a few days past, that the children would have gone with the man and more than likely it wouldn’t have had a good ending”.

I went and spoke to the sheriff, about this incident and he responded “let’s develop a pilot program and perfect the stranger danger program for our county.” This was the start of the TOO SAFE FOR STRANGER PROGRAM.

This program became so successful, that I decided to write this book, having the two main characters be my children, Bobby and Mandee.

About the Author:

Bob Kahn has a Master’s Degree in Education. He was a sixth grade teacher for ten years. He became concerned with the drug and gang problems that are plaguing our nation.

He became a D.A.R.E. instructor. While teaching D.A.R.E., he perfected a program he calls “too smart for strangers.” His program has foiled twenty-two stranger abductions. His first book Too Safe for Strangers is based on this program. His other books on children’s safety reflect his knowledge of working with children and helping them deal with today’s problems.

He lives in Nevada with his wife Kandee and two children Bobby and Mandee (of course).