Review: Bum Rap – Paul Levine

Bum Rap
Paperback: 334 pages
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer (July 1, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1477829865
ISBN-13: 978-1477829868
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NFL linebacker-turned-lawyer Jake Lassiter has had it with shifty clients, dirty prosecutors, and a legal system out of whack. It’s enough to make a man want to leave Miami and never look back—until he gets a call from Victoria Lord, the better half of hot local legal team Solomon & Lord. Her partner in life and law has been arrested for murder. What’s worse: the only person who can clear him has fled the city. Now it’s up to Jake and Victoria to track down the witness—a stunning “Bar girl”—before she’s roped in by the feds…or eliminated by the Russian mob.

Jake knows that if he doesn’t get to the witness first, his client’s case is lost. Luckily, he’s got some good advice from his college football coach: “Buckle your chin strap and hit somebody.” And sometimes, the only way to win a tough case is to do just that.


Nadia Delova – Russian Immigrant and only witness to a shooting.
Steve Solomon – A man in prison for killing a Russian Mobster.
Jake Lassiter – Former NFL Player and current lawyer.
Victoria Lord – Jake’s Law Partner, and Steve’s Love Interest.


I love a good Mobster thriller and this one filled that interest. At times I was reminded of the hardboiled heroes such as Mike Hammer and Sam Spade in the character of Jake Lassiter. I was bit disappointed in the character of Victoria Lord as her character seemed to be mostly there for window dressing, and to make a potential triangle for Jake and Steve. I’ve not read previous books, so that may just have been the character in this book, but she was the least memorable.

The plot was pretty strong and interesting, involving white slavery and Jewel Smuggling. As I said, a subplot involves a love triangle between the three protagonists.

Overall a good story, and definitely makes me interested in looking at others in the series. So check it out, and be sure to drop in and let us know what you thought. To enter to win a copy see our giveaway here.

About the Author

Paul LevinePaul Levine is best known for two series of legal thrillers: “Jake Lassiter” and “Solomon vs. Lord.” His newest novel, the national bestseller “Bum Rap,” brings together the protagonists of both series in an explosive murder case set on glitzy South Beach.

Levine’s first novel, “To Speak for the Dead,” introduced the world to Jake Lassiter, an NFL linebacker turned hard-nosed lawyer. Lassiter has been described by The Miami Herald as “having more charisma than Perry Mason ever did” and by Booklist as “one of the most entertaining series characters in contemporary crime fiction.”

In “Bum Rap,” Lassiter has had it with sleazy clients, shifty prosecutors, and a legal system out of whack. He’s about to hang up his shingle when Victoria Lord calls. Solomon has been arrested for murder. What’s worse: the only person who can clear him has disappeared. Now it’s up to Lassiter and Lord to track down the witness–a stunning Bar girl–before she’s roped in by the feds…or eliminated by the Russian mob.

Levine’s other series features squabbling lawyers – and lovers – Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord, who duel in and out of court. The Chicago Sun-Times praised “Solomon vs. Lord” as: “Remarkably fresh and original with characters you can’t help loving and sparkling dialogue that echoes the Hepburn-Tracy screwball comedies. A hilarious, touching and entertaining twist on the legal thriller.”

Levine has won the John D. MacDonald fiction award and has been nominated for an Edgar Allan Poe Award, the Macavity, the International Thriller Writers Award, the Shamus Award, and the James Thurber Humor Prize. A graduate of Penn State and the University of Miami School of Law, he was a trial lawyer before becoming a full-time novelist.

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