Review: The Silent Girls – Eric Rickstad

The Silent Girls
Paperback: 416 pages
Publisher: Witness Impulse (January 27, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0062351540
ISBN-13: 978-0062351548
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Harland Rath is pulled into the investigation when a young girl disappears. He begins to suspect a serial killer, but no one else can be convinced.


Frank Rath – Former Police Detective, now Private Investigator.
Harland Grout – Newly promoted Detective on the Canaan Vermont Police Force.


This was a very involving novel. There’s the one main plot involving Rath, there’s a subplot involving his missing daughter, and a lead-in plot obviously for the next novel involving a man he put in prison for serial killing. The action was pretty well paced out, and the plot was interesting, and a little more planned out then in a lot of novels lately.

You could to witness the characters grow and change. Rath learning to trust his daughter more. Grout learning to be a better detective. This is definitely not a novel though for the easily offended. The main plot line involves a very controversial subject that some readers might find offensive. That would be on the subject of abortion, abortion protestors, and all that is connected.

If the subject matter, and the strong language and content doesn’t offend you though, you’ll find it’s a well written, well planned out novel. I recommend it to all thriller fans out there. Be sure to drop in and let us know what you thought.

About the Author

Eric RickstadEric Rickstad is the New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Globe & Mail Bestselling author of THE SILENT GIRLS, a #1 bestselling Nook and Kindle novel heralded as intelligent and profound, dark, disturbing, and heartbreaking. His latest novel is LIE IN WAIT. His first novel REAP, a literary suspense novel, was a New York Times Noteworthy Novel. He lives in his home state of Vermont with his lovely wife, daughter, and son.

He is represented by Philip Spitzer of the Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agency.

*Disclaimer* A special thanks goes out to Lauren at Harper Collins for a review copy of this book. It in no way influenced my review. You can discuss it here or join my facebook page and discuss it there.

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  1. Marjorie Roy Says:

    Great review, I will check this one out. Thanks.