Review: Jane Doe January – Emily Winslow

Jane Doe January
Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: William Morrow (May 24, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0062434802
ISBN-13: 978-0062434807
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A memoir detailing a woman’s struggle to find and put her rapist in jail.


This was a very difficult book for me to read, not because it wasn’t well written, but because of the subject matter. Emily Winslow was a junior at Carnegie Mellon University. She was majoring in drama, and doing very well. Then her world changed. As she was headed into her apartment, a man grabbed her, forced her into her apartment, where he raped her. She would spend the next twenty years trying to have this man convicted.

This book while about a very dark subject matter, was a very nicely written memoir. She details every aspect of the case, going into very detailed explanations of her research, the case itself, and her life as a result of this heineous crime. There were times where I was drawn into her story, and when you think things are finally turning out, obstacles get put in her path. Still, she manages to tell a vivid story of a very painful aspect of her life. I’d not heard of her prior to this, but by the time I was through I had gained a ton of respect for her. Considering the subject matter, I’m not sure who I’d recommend it for,, maybe for those wanting to maybe understand things from an insider perspective. But if you can deal with the subject matter, than pick up a copy. Be sure to drop back by and let us know what you thought.

About the Author

Emily Winslow is an American living in Cambridge, England. She trained as an actor at Carnegie Mellon University’s prestigious drama conservatory and earned a master’s degree in museum studies from Seton Hall University. For six years she wrote for Games magazine, creating increasingly elaborate and lavishly illustrated logic puzzles. She lives with her husband and two sons.

Trigger Warnings

Contains recollections of rape.

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