Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Outcast – Aaron Allston



Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: Lucasbooks (March 24, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0345509064
ISBN-13: 978-0345509062 
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Luke Skywalker
Ben Skywalker
Han Solo
Leia Solo
Landa and Tendra Calrissian

Storyline Summary

This book is set after the fall of Darth Caedus.  Luke Skywalker has been charged for the destruction Caedus was allowed to do, and banished for 10 years.  During this banishment he can have no contact with any Jedi or Jedi matters.  Luke and Ben set out on a mission to discover why Caedus fell to the Dark Side.  This leads them to the Baran Do’ Sages.  In order to find their answers though, Luke and Ben must die.  While they discover their answers, Han and Leia, along with Jacen’s daughter journey to Kessel in order to help Lando discover what is tearing the planet apart.

Novel Review

As the opening act in a 9 book series, I liked this for the most part.  The storyline seems to be setting up the Galaxy for the way those of use who read the Legacy series see the universe we’re all familiar with.  There are three basic plots beginning here:

1)      Luke and Ben out to discover why Caedus fell to the dark side.
2)      Han and Leia helping Lando discover what is ripping apart Kessel.
3)      What is making all the Jedi start acting in a bizarre manner.

On the first plot, Luke and Ben set out for to see the Baran Do’ Sages.  While there they discover that the elder leaders voluntarily die.  Determined to solve this puzzle, Luke and Ben must first die.  This wasn’t really one of the strongest plots.  Nothing really ever gave me the impression that the two heroes were in actual danger, and the whole plot just seemed a way of looking at a culture who has the wrong way of going about their ideas and beliefs.

The second plot has Han and Leia bringing in some of the Republic’s most famous pilots in an attempt to discover what is tearing apart Kessel.  While this plot was interesting at times, I just found it really confusing, and couldn’t see where the storyline was actually going to go with it.

The third plot I found the most interesting.  Why were the Jedi going insane.  Was it the reappearance of large groups of sith?  Are these insane Jedi going to become the Sith that lead to the Sith Empire in the Legacy galaxy?  Seeing an entire army of sith ready to take on all the Jedi we’ve come to know and love really gives me hope for the outcome of this whole series.

While this wasn’t the strongest book I’ve read, as a stand alone story it leaves a lot to be desired, I hold out hope that future stories will really flesh out the events we’ve seen and when I’m able to look back on the whole series, I’ll have a deeper appreciation.  So for the casual Star Wars reader, I’d recommend some of the other series, such as The Thrawn Trilogy, but for the hardcore enthusiast who just like to see adventure after adventure in that galaxy far, far, away, pick this book up, you might enjoy it.   I did enjoy it, but it just left me wanting more substance.

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*DISCLAIMER* An Audiobook copy of this was provided to me by the publisher for review. This in no way influenced my review.