Who Owns the World – Kevin Cahill and Rob McMahon



Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (January 29, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0446581216
ISBN-13: 978-0446581219
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Have you ever wondered who owned the most property in Venezuela.  This book will tell you.  It covers nearly every country, describes how the land is divided, and who owns the majority of it.  You’d be shocked to find out that the U.S. Government owns 84-85% of Nevada.  Queen Elizabeth owns about 1/6th of the entire world.  The two biggest landowners in the U.S. are the Federal Government and Ted Turner.  The receipt of this book coincided with the Earthquake in Haiti.  I wrote in a separate article about what I discovered regarding Haiti from reading it.  One of the most shocking things was that the Average Haitian earns about $560 per year, while the average American earns $31,000.   Why is this important?  It goes to showing one of the main points of this book.  That being that lack of land ownership leads to poverty situations.  In most poverty stricken areas, the rich minority own the majority of the property, and others just lease the property.  A lot of this goes back to the old ideas of serfdom.

It was a very interesting book, packed with a ton of information.  It would be great for those interested in Bar Bets.  But it’s a nice reference book to have on hand, and very informative to see where some of the probems in the world might come from.  If you get a chance to get a copy of this book, pick it up, I think you’ll find it informative.

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