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Article: Computer Glasses – Grace Beckett

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Computer Glasses – Lenses Designed for Them

If you are on the computer for hours together every day, a pair of computer glasses used for reading may benefit you. Even if you wear contact lenses or glasses everyday, they probably are not the right ones for you to work on computers. Computer glasses are specially made to reduce the symptoms associated with CVS (computer vision syndrome).

CVS defines the symptoms that occur due to using a computer constantly. Symptoms appear, as your brain and eyes react differently to the words on your computer than with words on printed text. Symptoms are dry eyes, eyestrain, blurred vision, and headaches. Many of you try compensating for such vision problems by looking down or by leaning forward to see through the lower portion of your glasses, which often results in shoulder and back pain.

You may be getting symptoms of CVS because of presbyopia which is a disorder in the vision that develops as we grow old. It results in loss of your eye’s ability to look at near objects, and becomes noticeable by the age of 40. If you notice the symptoms of CVS, you may have to buy a pair of computer glasses Mississauga. These glasses are given on prescription and are specially designed to help you comfortably work on computers.

The following are the lenses that are specially designed for computer glasses:

Single vision

These lenses are the simplest kind of computer glasses. The whole lens is made and designed to see the computer screen and provides the largest field of view. Many adults or children enjoy single vision lenses because the screen is clearly visible without any obstructions.

Flat-top bifocal

This type of a lens looks similar to the usual bifocal lens worn by some of you for near and distance vision. They are designed such that the first half of the lens focuses on the screen while bottom half on a closer reading object. These lenses come with a visible line which divides both the focusing segments. Flat-top bifocal lenses provide you with a comfortable viewing of your computer though the objects that are far appear a little blurry.

Variable focus

This lens is also known as a computer progressive lens. Variable focus lens comes with a small segment on its top part to view distant objects, an intermediate wide segment to view the computer screen, and another small segment at the bottom to focus on close objects. No segments or visible lines are present in this kind of lens, so it appears more like a normal vision.

Computer glasses benefit users as long as they are fitted properly and prescribed correctly. Ophthalmologists and optometrists are knowledgeable in issues resulting from CVS and can help you in finding the appropriate glasses.

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