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Review: The Executioner: A Love Story – Melissa Silvey

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014
Print Length: 254 pages
Publisher: Melissa Silvey (June 15, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-
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Florian Desjardins – Secret Assassin.
Jordan Stewart – Technological Whiz
Agent Vince Argento – Federal Investigator


A trained assassin finders herself as the target, when it’s discovered that someone is out to kill her. She ends up on the run with her next door neighbor, and a Federal Agent. What they find is how much they all three need each other.


This book was a bit of a stretch outside my normal genres of reading. While I’ve done books on sexual themes before, I always find it a bit difficult relating to characters going through things I’ve not experienced. That being said, I found myself liking these characters. Each of the three primary characters seemed to have traits that the others depended on. That hold true in almost any relationship. My wife and I bring different strengths to our relationship, and Florian, Jordan, and Vince did the same to theirs. While I’ve never been involved in a polyamorous relationship, I can kind of understand it, and support it.

Due to the sexuality, this book may not appeal to all readers. It involves multiple pairings of sexuality from m/m, to m/f and m/f/m. But for some of the more open minded readers, I think you may find yourself enjoying the story. In the end it’s a love story about 3 people, all broken, and all needing something in each other to repair the cracks in themselves.

I’d rate it for adults due to the content. But I think it has its appeal to the modern reader and think you’d find it enjoyable. Be sure and check it out, and drop back by to let us know what you thought.

About the Author

Melissa Silvey is a West Virginia native currently residing in Alabama. She is a 43 year old mother and college student.

She’s taken several creative writing classes and workshops, and is actively trying every day to improve her writing. She still doesn’t know what she wants to major in, it changes every day but she’s leaning toward law.

The good thing about her mind changing every day is that she’s always thinking: what if. And what if usually leads to a new idea for a book. She’s been writing since she was a child, but only recently found an outlet in e-books.

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Review: Sixty-Nine – Pynk

Thursday, July 14th, 2011


Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing; 1 edition (March 25, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0446563331
ISBN-13: 978-0446563338
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Magnolia Butler – Long Series of unfaithful boyfriends.
Rebe Palo-Richardson – Ex Wife of NFL Football Player.
Darla Humphreys-Clark – Widow.

3 Friends find themselves on the verge of turning 40. On New Years Eve, of their 40th year, they make a pact to experience new sexual freedom. The Sixty Nine in the book has nothing to do with the sexual position, but is related to the year in which the 3 women were born. Rebe is the first to pursue this, when she picks up a man at the bar. Darla wants to open an adult store, while Magnolia thinks about pursuing being a stripper.

Along the way in their pursuits, there will be both good and bad circumstances. Giving in to your desires can impact not just you, but those around your, your family, your friends, and sometimes strangers. Different aspects of human sexuality are covered throughout the book, some were new concepts to me. The characters participated in swingers clubs, online chat rooms. There were stories of betrayal, love, and forgiveness.

This is the second book I’ve reviewed by author Pynk. The books are definitely meant for an adult audience. If I were to put a rating on it, I’d probably say R or NC-17. The characters are nicely developed, and I actually liked these women, and felt sorry for them at times.

If you are a fan of erotic fiction, then check this book out. If however, sexual talk is something that offends you, then you definitely want to skip this.

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Review – Sexaholics – Pynk

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010


Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing; March 23, 2010
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0446179582
ISBN-13: 978-0446179584
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Miki Summers is addicted to sex. All sex. Onesomes, twosomes, threesomes, tensomes. Valencia is bisexual and engaged, but wants to keep her girlfriend Miki on the side. Her Fiance wants her to be monogamous to only him. Brandi is hooked on sex with strangers and one night stands. Teela is hooked on watching. She often takes other women home to watch her husband have sex with them. Each of these women meet one night at a Sexual Addicts Anonymous meeting. The story then proceeds to detail their lives, and their addictions after the meeting. Each chapter switches from one woman to the other, eventually bringing the story of all four woman together.

I first received an offer to take part in a blog tour for this book.  The tour part sounded interesting.  I agreed though with no idea what the world of Erotic Literature was truly like, well outside of some semi-pornographic novels my mother unknowingly purchased at a yard sale when I was 14. At first, while reading it, I was shocked. That’s not typically something easy to do. But it was uncomfortable. I felt like I was reading a porn movie, a bit voyeuristic. Heavy, hardcore descriptions of acts, some of which I’d never heard of. As the novel progressed though, I began to see the tragedy of the characters. Even though they could probably see their worlds crumbling around them, the addiction was too strong to deny. Like with smoking, alcohol, and drugs, they just kept searching for a newer and stronger high.

By the end of this, my focus wasn’t “I can’t believe she just wrote all that”, but was on the characters, and wondering what was going to happen to them. I could see the train coming, through their eyes, and know they were headed towards dangerous situations, but powerless to do anything to stop them. And I think that’s the true idea behind addiction, whether it’s sex, drugs, food, or anything else. It’s that powerlessness over it, and the inability to stop even though you see the dangers ahead.

The characters seemed very realistic to me. I actually cared what happened to them. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve known versions of these people throughout my life, and known people facing addictions. I’ve struggled for years in not smoking, so in my own small way I can see things from their perspective. The author also did a good job in detailing the need, like with AA for admitting that you are powerless, and the need for some higher power.

The sex scenes are very graphically described. I would mark this for adults over 18 only, and if given a rating would probably give it a hard R or light X. At the same time though, I feel it’s a book that someone dealing with addiction, or who knows someone who is, could relate to, and maybe get some encouragement from. For that reason, or if you enjoy erotic literature, I’d say pick it up, I don’t think you’d be disappointed. But if you’re the type that gets embarassed or upset at wardrobe malfunctions during a super bowl game, then I’d say it’s probably not the book for you.

If you or a loved one do have problems with sexual addiction, and need to seek help, this might be a good place to start:

You can discuss it here or join my facebook page and discuss it there.

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Article – A Writer’s Orgasm – By Author of Sexaholics, Pynk

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

A Writer’s Orgasm

Recently, readers have asked why I decided to write erotica after writing seven mainstream titles. For me, it was a natural transition to write erotica, being that thus far, all of my books have included very steamy scenes and intense sexual connections. I’ve worked hard to make sure that each encounter, whether it involves a threesome or an oral sex scene between two women, is necessary for the evolution of the story and mainly, for purposes of defining those characters. Erotica or not, it’s a story.

I enjoy writing sex scenes, but more importantly, I enjoy writing about the lives of individuals who are either positively or negatively affected by sex. Whether it be swingers or sexaholics, or women who have been sexually repressed and are now ready to breakout and get naughty, sex is a part of all of our lives. After all, the revolution of sex cannot be ignored. I feel that sex can be a character in itself. It can be a villain and it can be a sanctuary. We can choose to go with it, or choose to resist it for religious reasons or ethical reasons or for purposes of detoxification. One’s response to sex says a lot about their morals and willpower and upbringing. I, for one, am very sexually liberated and have always had a lust for life. It’s important to me that women enjoy themselves and pay close attention to where their ideals about sex came from. We’ve been told early on to keep our legs closed and to save ourselves for our husbands. I don’t believe that boys are not put under the same type of pressure. Actually, they learn to conquer and pursue and society has this, “boys will be boys” attitude (which should also change), whereas girls are taught that if we don’t keep our vaginas to ourselves, we’ll be labeled as non-virtuous sluts, far from marriage material.

I am a strong advocate of safe sex, though I do think sex is meant to be enjoyable and that women need to love and explore their bodies and learn about what pleases them so that they can express their needs openly, without shame and without judgment. I have a post-chapter in Erotic City called Women Have Wet Dreams, Too, which is written from the point of view of the main character, Milan Kennedy who owns a swingers’ club. She’s very comfortable with her sexuality and enjoys spreading the word about guilt-free sex for women.

When I conducted research for Erotic City, I attended quite a few sex clubs and interviewed many lifestyle members. The common trait I found was that these individuals don’t have as many hang-ups about sex as most people do, though some would argue that swingers are dysfunctional or that they’re sexual deviants. I’ve addressed this controversy in Erotic City, which is one reason why the topic of swinging was so intriguing to me.

I’m enjoying the experience of writing erotica and I hope that you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy bringing them to you. Whether writing mainstream or erotica, I put a lot of work into the psychology of my characters. It is my intention to make sure that the main characters each have something they want and something they fear. I make a point to remind myself that I’m not writing about what I would do. I’m writing about what the characters would do. It’s their story, not mine. It’s my desire that you enjoy the stories of my characters, and that those characters stay in your head long after the last page because you fall in love with them or worry about them or love to hate them, because you care about their journey. It is my desire, as Pynk, that you are satisfied. That, to me, would be orgasmic.

Copyright © 2008 by Pynk