Review: The Sunwright Chronicles – Kevin M. Villegas


 Paperback: 364 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (April 19, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1432772880
ISBN-13: 978-1432772888
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The synopsis for this book is that a 900 year old Empire is on the verge of collapse. The head of the Sunwright family and his wife have vanished. Their three children: Pershing, Tobias, and Calia are the only thing that can pull the empire together.

I’ll start off with the good. The author created some characters that I liked. I could tell that what they were doing was important to them. The Battle seems were very action packed.

The Bad: The book is filled with so many problems I lost track. The major problem is there were numerous grammar errors. These I can look past, because they may have just been the electronic copy I had. But the majuor problem was in the story structuring itself. There were times I had no clue what was going on. Characters would have what seemed like flashbacks, but I had no idea, the scenes just seemed to switch without any alerting the reader.

There were other times where characters seemed to switch. I couldn’t tell if it was due to multiple drafts, or what happend. One minute it was Fox talking, then it was her sister Jade, then it was Fox again. At the same time Jade was on the other side of the country. This particular thing happened twice.

Then there was a character named Charles who appeared to suddenly become a character named Richard, either that or Richard appeared at the same time that Charles disappeared, but I have no idea where Richard came from or where Charles went.

Then on top of this, I have no idea why this struggle is going on, or why I should even care. There was no emotional involvement in it for me. I wanted to really like this. The author is an independent author, and I love to review books by authors such as this, to help give them a hand.

If I could speak to the author, I’d tell him to slow down and develop the story a little more, rather than jump from plot to plot. The story is what gets the reader emotionally involved. The other thing would be to get an editor or as a friend to proofread it.

I can assume from the way the book ended that more in this series are forthcoming. I hope the author has success with them, but I feel he needs to maybe go back and strengthen this book first, before he goes into tackling others.

I can’t recommend it in it’s current incarnation, but to Fantasy or Epic Medievel War fans, I think if it were cleaned up some, and tightened up that Mr. Villegas would have a good product.

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*Disclaimer* A special thanks goes out to Brandi at BK Walker Books for a review copy of this book. It in no way influenced my review. You can discuss it here or join my facebook page and discuss it there.

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