Pirate Latitudes – Michael Crichton


Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Harper (November 24, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0061929379
ISBN-13: 978-0061929373


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Pirates. Abandoned Treasure Ships. Adventure. It’s all here in Pirate Latitude. Captain Charles Hunter is assigned th task of retrieving a Spanish ship full of treasure. The ship is in the harbor guarded by a fortress called Matanceros. To capture the ship, they’ll have to disable the guns of Matanceros. They’ll also have to survive the bloodthirsty man in charge, Cazalla. Hunter obtains the help of many different men to help him in his task, an Explosives expert, a professional killer, and others. Many of these men have a personal grudge against Cazalla. Some will come back, some won’t.


Michael Crichton passed away on November 4, 2008. This novel was discovered in his paperwork. A year after his death, it was published. It’s uncertain whether it was meant to be published, or what other plans he had with it. Taken as it is, it was a pretty enjoyable book. I really liked the character of Charles Hunter. There were many instances that had me grinning at his behavior. There were also some wow scenes. Reading through it, I had the thoughts that it would make a good movie. Having researched some for this review, I’ve discovered that Steven Spielburg is considering a movie version.

While it may not have been what Mr. Chrichton envisioned, it was an exciting novel. It started a bit slow, but once the voyage got under way things picked up. There were many instances where I thought, “It can’t end like this”, only to have our hero’s go from one frying pan to another. The characters seemed true to the rogue pirate attitudes that we’ve been accustomed to in Pirates of the Caribbean.

If you have the opportunity to pick this up, do so. I think you’ll enjoy it. However, don’t expect all the typical stuff you’d get from Michael Crichton. This is a pure adventure. While I’m not a profesional in regards to Pirate history, it seems very accurate to all the history I do know. I’d say this is for older teens and above because of some strong language and strong situations.

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2 Responses to “Pirate Latitudes – Michael Crichton”

  1. Greg Zimmerman Says:

    Nice review – thanks! Yours is actually the best review of this book I think I’ve seen yet. Glad someone enjoyed it! I’d heard rather lukewarm reviews about the book, and was kind of worried that even those were generous reviews of a bad book because reviewers didn’t want to trample on the man’s grave. Glad to her my assumptions were wrong!

  2. Tina L. Hill Says:

    I have to say that I was shocked to read that Michael Crichton passed away. I honestly did not know this. I used to be a huge Michael Crichton fan many years ago, but have not read his books for quite some time as I got hooked on other authors and genres.